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Here’s the recipe: Big Idea, Integrated Tools, Consumer Experience, Brand Navigator.

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Interesting presentation for people in marketing communication industry.
More and more insights shows that being a more social and relevant brand that creates value in society are more powerful than being merely generating profits.

Brands and ideas should be more inspiring and relevant than ever. This is the new era. The era of how technology changes behavior and changes everything, again.

Toyota: The Fastest Painted Website

Now this is pretty cool. This ‘making of’ video shows how Toyota have created a painted website that streams in real time. The site will be live until 26th November and you can interact with the site and see real time results. If you ‘Like’ or ‘Tweet’ you can see the site light up. Check it out here and explore the different sections, including YouTube videos and a Facebook game ‘Social Network Racer’. This is a great way to get your audience to engage with your brand through an innovative idea and a good mix of content for them to consume. It’s exciting to see these real time digital convergence ideas. Have you seen anything similar?


Now that the world has becoming more social and connected than ever (thanks to the Internet, well-spread of technology, and of course, social media), more and more brands involve their customers in the creation process. This one is from Pepsi.

Pepsi Has Launched the 2012 Student Display Design Competition

Pepsi and POPAI, the global association for marketing at retail, announced the launch of the 2012 Student Display Design Competition.

Understanding the importance of visual look of its product in stores, Pepsi teamed up with the connoisseur of the industry to encourage students’ achievements in design in the retail setting.

The 2012 Student Display Design Competition is the first of its kind for the marketing at retail industry and challenges students to design in-store marketing materials that leverage shopper insights to help promote Pepsi products at the critical point-of-purchase.

“As in-store marketing grows in importance and marketers focus more at winning over shoppers at the shelf, one discipline is seeing its star rise: design,” said Leslie Nagy, Senior Director, Marketing Services & Licensing at Pepsi Beverages North America. “Great design has always had its place in the retail environment, but great design that leverages critical shopper insights is the path forward and we’re happy to help blaze that trail.”

All students who are of 18 years of age or older and are currently enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education programs in advertising, communications, creative arts, engineering, graphic design, illustration, and new media can apply on the program’s website.

The effective use of the latest display techniques, materials, and overall creative ingenuity will be the main criteria by which submissions will be judged.  In addition, judges will consider the real-world applicability of the design, evaluate the utilization of marketing and branding strategies reflective of Pepsi, and examine how the design coincides with the shopper point of view provided by Pepsi in the creative brief.

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From making the world’s tiniest stop motion, Dot, Nokia follow ups with making the world’s largest stop motion, Gulp.

All shot in Nokia N8.

Click here for behind the scene.

Here’s an article from

From the tiniest to the biggest. Nokia, which last year presented an awesome stop-motion set ‘Dot,’ the world’s smallest character animation, recently has released a new story dubbed ‘Gulp,’ the world’s largest stop-motion animation video. Both of the spots were filmed with N8 phones with 12-megapixel cameras to prove that these mobile devices are just perfect for creating artwork, not just communicating with people on one’s contact list.

For ‘Gulp,’ the brand commissioned Aardman Animations (that also was engaged in the creation of ‘Wallace and Gromitand collaborated with Nokia on the development of the smallest video) and Sumo Science. The new spot unveils a story of a fisherman, who was dragged to the bottom of the sea by a huge fish, but eventually managed to get back to life. The set was filmed on Pendene Beach in South Wales using 3 N8 smartphones, which were elevated 36 meters (the area they captured was a huge 42.71 meters x 24 meters spot). The giant drawings were created by sand art director Jamie Wardley, sand team Andy Moss, Tom Bolland at Sand Sculpture Ice and art student volunteers, who contributed to the development of the largest stop-motion animation as confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records. “Using the beach as a canvas, fish, seagulls and the sea were created with a rake, while the film’s prop designers built a life-size fishing boat that was used by a ‘fisherman’ who was played by one of the film’s artists,” explains

Co-director Will Studd said, “The film was a huge test of planning and coordination with mother nature. We were incredibly lucky with conditions and tide times—sometimes we got our final frame for the day just as the waves crashed in around our set.” For this project, Nokia, which was featured on the list of companies to retire in 2012, teamed up with Wieden+Kennedy, London.


When nationality attacked. Goodness will appear. Good for your brand too :p